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Reviews Of   “In  Search  Of  Love”

Book Number 2  in the Redwoods series

previously titled  - An Liberated Woman

They shared one night of love.

When Kitty Barron and Rufe Cavanagh meet sixteen years later, Kitty wonders if they might have a second chance at happiness.

Rufe is determined they will. Kitty’s teenage daughter, Joy, and Rufe’s daughter, Lily, are school friends.

While Joy embraces the idea of uniting their families, Lily burns with jealousy at the thought of sharing her father’s affection, and schemes to keep them apart.

When Joy and Lily go to London for a Season, they find that beneath the gaiety and excitement not everything or everybody is as it seems.

Their romances bring problems that have far-reaching effects for Kitty and Rufe, and their happiness.

Can Kitty and Rufe withstand Lily’s manipulative efforts to keep them apart? Is their love strong enough?

By Dawn on

 February 14, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

“Kitty discovers that her daughter's best friend in school is the daughter of her first love. And so the path is set for Rafe and Kitty to traverse the memories of the past along with the hope of the future if their daughters agree. Enjoyed to scope and descriptions of Australia and England along with the characters dilemmas in the solving of the unexpected.”
Ebook from Netgalley and publishers with thanks. Opinions are entirely my own.  
4 Stars

Review of In search of Love - previously A Liberated Woman

“Kitty Barron was a woman who faced the hardships of bringing up her daughter alone. The owner of Redwood in the New South Wales countryside, Kitty was an unusual woman. In Australia in 1893 when a woman married all she owned became the property of her husband. Kitty was determined that her daughter Joy, would not have to face the prospect of losing what was rightfully hers.

Joy Barron, like most girls of sixteen thought her future lay outside the splendor of Redwood. At a boarding school in Sydney she befriends Lily, a country girl like herself who also has worldly ambitions. Joy is unaware that Lily will soon become a greater part of her life that will cause great sorry. When Joy gets the chance to go to England to be presented to Queen Victoria, she gets Lily to go with her. What happens to Joy and her close friend Lily while the two girls are in London turns their world and everyone around them into chaos.

Rufe Cavanagh a man of ambition and drive, moves in and out of Kitty’s life by cruel twists of fate. The passion of youth can sometimes override logic and take on a corrosive force that destroys relationships. Rufe and Kitty fall victim to the whims of youth and drift apart. Later on in their lives they rediscover each other and find out that life is indeed often stranger than fiction.

A Liberated Woman is a light hearted romantic tale of women, young and old, coming to grips with the evolution of a new social order forming at the beginning of the twentieth century. Kate Loveday has penned a story that flows well. I feel buyers of this book will get enjoyment out of seeing how the protagonists overcome the different situations they find themselves thrust into.”

Review by Warren Thurston , Australian Author

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