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An Ambitious Woman

An Ambitious Woman’ is the third book in the ‘Redwoods’ Series.

Praise for An Ambitious Woman

5 Stars  

Aussie author Kate Loveday's stories about independent women are wonderful stories.  She has many twists and turns and surprises, good and bad, in her stories that a reader doesn't expect. She writes so smoothly it is like the pen in her writing hand touches the pages and the words just flow out of her pen onto paper with such ease. Ms. Loveday's writing is smooth and intelligent. She blends everything together very nicely and tells a wonderful descriptive story of different types of people, some you'll love and cheer on and some you'll dislike immensely. This story was not just a romance novel, Kate has imbedded a wonderful cast of true to life characters and many circumstances they went through. It would make a wonderful movie... Alice L Kent

Five Stars

Very enjoyable...Stuart Rose

5 stars

More Please!

I enjoyed reading Ambitious Woman as the last in this trilogy. It concluded the story with an interesting and satisfactory ending and if there was more I would love to keep reading ... Wendy

It is 1900. The turn of the century. A time of new beginnings.


The old ways are changing, but they can't change fast enough

 for Joy Barron...

She wants it all. Love. Marriage.  Success.

Joy wants it NOW, and she chafes at the restrictions placed on her by the conventions of the day.

Joy is determined Redwoods will become a prominent thoroughbred stud. Her ambition knows no bounds, and she dreams of breeding a champion racehorse. When David Cavanagh doesn’t agree with her ideas she schemes to get her way, determined to make her dream a reality. After their marriage she continues on her wilful way until tragedy strikes, and fills her with remorse.

Then Thunder, the big, black stallion enters their lives, causing more dissension. Could he possibly become the champion to win the coveted Gold Cup?

 When David goes to America with an open-end return date it leaves Joy broken-hearted.

 In his absence Josh Frazer comes to work at Redwoods, and Joy faces the biggest dilemma of her life.

Against the heart-stopping background of the prestigious Gold Cup, Joy must make her decision. Can a woman love two men? How can she choose between two loves?

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