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A collection of light hearted short stories which could be set any where in the world. We can find humour and interest in any situation and possibly reflect on the absolute joy of living.

These little anecdotes have been the result of some of the wonderful quirks of our human nature.

Take a moment to read and look around you and find other classic moments of our fantastic world

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Praise for Reflections

Jack Scribble

4.0 out of 5 stars Perfect reading over a cup of coffee

May 24, 2012

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Each of these seven short stories is a treat. From humorous to poignant, the characters in these stories jump off the page in a way that make them memorable long after the story is over. The reader feels for Stephen, desperately trying to impress the coffee shop waitress in Valentine's Day, and empathises with Susie, stuck with the world's worst-behaved dog in Buster. Gail's obsession with the apparent theft of a precious old family piece of jewellry leaves the reader in two minds as to who is really responsible. A young girl dreams of ice-skating fame and a sculptor pursues her love of her craft, while Scoopy deals with the loss of a best friend and Abby is misled by a new acquaintance. These beautifully written stories make a very fine collection, something to dip into one at a time. Not to mention the perfect length for a nice sit down with a cup of coffee.