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A Liberated Woman

A different time, a different place, but you will live this story as if it were your own

Married  Woman’s Property

Act of 1893

New South Wales

Henceforth when a woman marries her property shall remain  her own

 With the passing of the Married Woman’s Property Act, Kitty Barron no longer needs to fear losing Redwoods, her property at Bulahdelah, should she choose to marry again.

But she is content with her safe and settled life – until a chance meeting with Rufe Cavanagh changes her mind.

 Meanwhile, her daughter Joy is emerging into young womanhood, and longs to explore the world beyond her childhood home.

In spite of Kitty’s misgivings, Joy and her friend Lily go to England to enjoy a London Season, where the experiences they encounter force the girls to grow up in a hurry, and raise new challenges for both Kitty and Joy.

A Liberated Woman’ is the second book in the ‘Redwoods’ Series.

Praise for A Liberated Woman

This is a historical romance that is not just Australia or London but a mixture of cultures and countries. The writing is emotionally touching. The characters of the girls are possibly, at least for one of them, a little too life like. The stories as they unfold on the different paths were done in a wonderful way while still tying the main threads together. I must say my emotions did become involved here for one of the story lines was heart rending, for it is a portrait of life even in this day and age. The writer has a great way of telling her story in words. I was many times wondering what next. I even became surprised at a few things. It is not just a story of sex or violence, instead this is one that tells a story of life and what happens at times.

This one is a good read for a long night where you wish good company

. ~ Anna Swedenmon – NetGalley

Kitty discovers that her daughter's best friend in school is the daughter of her first love. And so the path is set for Rufe and Kitty to traverse the memories of the past along with the hope of the future. Enjoyed the scope and descriptions of Australia and England along with the characters’ dilemmas in the solving of the unexpected.

 ~ Dawn – NetGalley

  “Great Reading. Loved the series…looking forward to the last book in the series. Great stories and all the people in them.”

 5 stars  ~   Marilee Maggio

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